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An evening of Music and Dance  

With Sitra Bonoo, Yvonne Rakhan, Tammo Heikens, Dibesh Ramcharan and Awienaash Ramlal.

There will be classical ,semiclassical music, bhadjans and bollywoodsongs.

Bharata Natyam Dance will be performed by Mohini Shah, Devika Coupri, Nisha Sagoenie, Sitra Bonoo and Riya




Summercourse 2019

10 months ago

dance classes in the summer of 2019 at Sri Vinayaka institute. Also start of training for dance exams junior and senior grade in Bangalore, India. Please see our flyer for more information.Exam training starts on 20 july 2019 in The Hague .

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Tala lessons and Mrdangam lessons 2019

10 months ago

July and august 2019 by Sri S.V. Giridhar from Bangalore .Group and individual classes in Tala . You can also learn to play the Mrdangam .

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New Waves of Indian Dance

1 year ago | Update: 10 months ago

14 oktober 2018, The Hague

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Dance exams in India 2018 and 2019

10 months ago

May 2018: passed for senior exams: Sitra Bonoo and Jolanda Boejharat Passed for junior exams: Poernima Gobardhan and Mohini Shah. In 2019 4 people went for exams to Bangelore. They will heatr the result in august 2019

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Passie voor India

5 months ago

14 December 2019

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